Lama tak menaip dekat sini. Bukan takde benda nak ditaipkan tapi idea yang datang selalu wrong timing. Sayang dia hilang macam tu je.

Anyway, I am now a third year degree student. I'm almost halfway done. Third year is a crucial and critical phase for us, pre-clinicial students. Tahun ni kena clear semua subjek by summer. Kalau boleh maintain momentum belajar macam sebelum ni, everything should be okay. Though I want to be better this semester. Tapi awal-awal dah skip kelas seminggu. Puih.

New semester resolution. Hmm. Sem lepas punya fail gila. So let's make it simpler this time. Only one, I want to talk less. Though a lot said I am quiet, I still feel like I've talked too much. Macam, some of my regrets consists of the words that I've said instead of the words I didn't. So, I need to talk less. Less words, less regrets.

Next, yokatta~ Things have finally settled down for my brother at the moment. He finally graduated. After all the ups and downs, he eventually nailed it. My parents must have been so relieved. A burden has been taken off of their shoulders at least.

Tonight will be the last night I'll be sleeping on my bed since tomorrow we'll be taking of for the airport. My heart somehow feels very heavy to leave home. The past two months have been very great though I didn't really do anything. Being home makes me feel like the months I've spent being abroad was just a really long dream. Everything seemed unreal. But now I have to return to reality.

It's okay. Just a few more years. Just a few more years until I can let out a deep breath.

Recently I caught myself taking a lot of pictures of the sky. Looking up at the sky always calm me down. Unlike the sea which might hide a lot of things beneath the surface, the open sky somehow gives me a sort of warm feeling. Or maybe it's just me.