I've been skipping school for three days. Not that anyone cares. Yeah, I know. Like what I've said before, we were asked to be in the hall for the whole day. It was on Wednesday that she sat in front of me. There's a saying - 'the longest distance on earth is not from north to south. But it's when I stand in front of you, and you ignored me'. It was like that. She ignored me all the time. Even when she wanted to pass me the papers, she refused to turn her head. You know that feeling? When you're treated like a complete stranger by the one whom you share your secrets with and all? Trust me, it's the worst feeling ever. It hurts! Right in the heart. I have the urge to clear the air but I have no idea how to make a step forward. I can't wait for her to start because I know she won't. Dammit. What should I do?