So currently I'm having a problem with my friend which I think that couldn't have happened. It is so stupid that the reason for this little thing is because of jealousy. Well at least, for me it is stupid. I can't really remember how all this started but we have been pretending like mere strangers for days. I wanted to greet her just like usual and act like nothing has happened but I'm not that kind of person. It's not that I'm still angry with her but I always prefer others to start the conversations because I have the i-dont-have-the-right-to-talk-because-she-is-angry-with-me feeling though she's not and I have no idea why I feel that way. I hope we can be just like we used to be though all I see now is, it's getting worse. I'm not that kind of person who easily gets into an argument back then. It was like 5 years ago and I was a kid that I argued with childhood friends. And that was the last time until now. If she can't accept my mistakes then that's so disappointing because I tend to make wrongs and I can't get away from that. I accept people's imperfection and I really hope that others can accept mine too.