Dear Lacrikyou,

Have I turned into someone I said I don't want to be? Have I really?

I can't really remember how we became like this. All I know is that it was all my fault. I over-reacted, I know. And I still don't understand why because of that little thing we became like this. You know,.... like strangers.

I hate that I'd over-reacted. Ugh.

'Kau marah aku lagi eh?' - No.

'Is everything really okay between us?'

The anwer is......uhhh.... I don't know? Okay maybe? For me, everything is okay. But in a not-so-okay way.

Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward.

Why didn't you say hi to me? Because it's so awkward.

Why didn't you reply to my hi's and hello's? Because it's so awkward.

Why did you look away? Because it's so awkward.

Why aren't you doing anything about it? Because it's so awkward.


Nak cakap apa lagi?

So, if you're gonna do something about it like what you've been doing all this time, just do. I'm just gonna sit and let time heals everything. Like a boss, sistah.

K, Bye.

PS : Everything will be a lot more awkward after this. Ah, dun wan tu ker enimor. Lalala.

PSS: Does this entry answer your question? No?