As you can see (I don't know who the 'you'' I'm referring to), my joyous time with friends at school is about to end! YAY! Yes, my high school life is about over. But I kinda feel disappointed because the high school life I had always been looking forward to never did happen. Not even close to that. Curses. Give me back my time I've wasted there!

Alah, you know lah, macam dalam anime tu. The fact that my dream to study in a high school in Japan will never happen, hurts me a lot. Right in the heart, people! Dah habis sekolah, macam mana nak study kat sekolah jepun? Macam mana nak jalan-jalan balik rumah dengan kawan-kawan pastu singgah kedai kek makan kek? Pastu macam mana nak selitkan love letter kat locker crush pastu jalan-jalan sama-sama dengan dia lalu jalan yang ada banyak pokok sakura pastu bunga sakura gugur-gugur? SEDIH. I feel old.

Anyway, I hate to say this cliche statement but I'm gonna say it anyway, how time flies so fast. I still remember my first day of primary school (not really, actually. just wanted it to sound more nostalgic). I didn't even know how to count the coins for God's sake. It was rather funny, and stupid, and embarrassing, and- I don't know. I had to actually ask my friend to count for me. Blergh!

Ahh~ six years of primary school, five years of secondary school.

Wait, what??

Eleven freaking years of school? Dang.

Nanti mesti diorang kecoh nak buat reunion bagai. Wakakaka. Lame gila kot benda-benda tu.