SPM was over for almost two months ago. I've waited for this moment since forever. But why do I feel like I am not a free bird yet?

Staying home all day for days sucks a lot. Bores me like hell. No good things on TV and curse that Nodame Cantabile DVD for not working properly. Watching the anime makes me feel spirited to continue my piano lesson. But of course after I got my driving license. Ah damn it! The piano exam result. I haven't taken it yet. The teacher didn't call me for the certificate. I know what that means. A moment of silence for my failure. Damn.

 Anyway, this morning, I became a bad ass. I drove the car without my parents' permission to the market. Not bad ass enough eh? Don't care. It is to me. Bought some cooking ingredients because there was nothing in the kitchen that suits my tummy. Never had this chance before so pardon my excitement. I should do this more often. I was lucky enough nothing bad happened. Oh my mum did say that I should practice in the morning. So what I did was not wrong right? I don't know. I still feel like it is wrong.

 Hey, I think my kitten is dying. Thank God. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I hate kittens. It's just that these kittens are very troublesome. Their mother is the worst mother ever. Taking care of them is very tiring. And they are not in good health condition. I don't know why. Maria (the mother) doesn't seem to produce milk. So they didn't get enough nutrition to grow. Poor little babies.

 I had a box of pizza that I need to finish before everyone gets home or else my 'sneak-out-quietly-and drive-to-the market' mission is going to be exposed but curse my tummy. It's not so hungry like always. And I don''t like pizzas. The reason I bought it is beyond me. Okay. I better eat that pepperoni pizza now.

Pardon my randomness.