I know I've been quoting those cheesy love song these past couples of days. Not really in  love pun sebenarnya. Cuma, hmm, bosan? So layan je lah the feeling that has always been there since forever.

In love?

Since forever?


I have this one guy who's always on my mind. Sedar tak sedar, makan tahun juga dah teringat kat dia. 3 years? 4 years? 5? I dunno.

Tipulah kalau 24/7 teringat. Kadang-kadang teringat Usui-kun. Kadang-kadang teringat Kazehaya-kun. Kadang-kadang Byakuya-sama. Haaaa. Byakuya-samaaaaa.

Anyway, about that guy. Hmmm. Mungkin cuma utk mengisi masa bosan. Sebenarnya teringin juga jumpa dia. To clear things up. To move on.

Pathetic tahu bila sedar yang I have actually had him on my mind for years and he doesn't even know my existence?

Minta maaf Mr. Stranger for being creepy. I tried to forget you my I don't think my mind agreed with me.