Aku ni lah antara manusia paling tak boleh bagi nasihat pasal hidup. I lack experience. Berbanding dengan orang lain yang dah go through countless trials and errors, I am that person who has all her future mapped out for her. And I am told to always follow what I see in front of me and not look for other  opportunity. I'm grateful for what God has prepared for me nevertheless. It's not easy though and that's why I'm not complaining. It's just that sometimes I wish my life would be more than just this. I know I should be blaming myself for all the chances I've missed. But somehow I am haunted by the regrets I might be having for the wrong choices I make. I'm afraid of risks. I tend to stay in my comfort zone and miss out the good things outside this zone. 

I am the worst person ever. I only dare to dream and only dream. I'm not brave enough to make it come true. That's why things are always the same. It's all because I'm afraid to make a step forward.