Cepatnya masa berlalu! Genap setahun from my last post (I think?). Hahaha!

Sooooo how am I now? Am I better than last year? :)))




Who am I kidding?

I apologize to the past-me. I haven't changed at all. I am still that miserable little piece of shit.

If not, worse. (I even had suicidal thoughts haha)

I'm sorry, me :')

The only thing that has changed since before is the fact that I am now a fourth year student! I don't know how to feel about this. I mean, yeah, I am happy that I passed my papers last year. I also finally managed to get A for the last semester.

But my life is not getting better at all. I know I keep whining but - well, I hate myself for that too. I find myself being less happy each day, losing interest in whatever I used to have fun doing. Hmm. Maybe I need help. No, I really need help. I want some help. Honestly.

I am extremely exhausted with my own thoughts. With myself. I wanna run away from who I am. I need a break from everything.